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About us

Dancy & Daughters is a cozy tattoo shop in the heart of Aarhus. Our team of professional tattoo artists have a passion for art and custom designs and are always ready with advice and guidance for tattoo projects. At Dancy & Daughters, we emphasize hygiene, hygiene and art.

Antibacterial cleaners are used on all surfaces throughout the store. Only sterile needles are used and all tattoo stations as well as machines are covered with disposable materials that are replaced after each customer. We only use EU approved colors that comply with the Ministry of the Environment guidelines.

Our team of shop managers, piercers and professional tattoo artists all want to give you a great experience while you are with us. The tattoo artists demand the details and make every effort to design exactly the tattoo that is right for you. The tattoos range widely in genre, and specialize in specific styles. That’s why we want the right tattoo artist for your project. So whether you want a traditional, neo-traditional, black and gray realism, watercolor, geometric or dotwork tattoo, we can help.

We also sell merchandise

tegning af mandelig tatovør

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