We do tattoos and piercings...we also sell posters

All prices are included basis jewelry as well as aftercare for the first few days. If you wish to upgrade your jewelry this can be purchased for an additional price.
(50kr for rings, 25kr for gold, black and rainbow jewelry, 25kr for crystals and 75kr for opals)

Piercing information

You are allowed one companion in the piercings room. It’s a small space that needs to be kept sterile and our piercers need space to work on.

Change of jewellery

You can change your jewellery after your piercing has healed. If you are not confident with changing your own jewellery we are more than happy to help for an additional cost of 100kr. If you purchase your new jewellery in the shop, you will get a 20% discount on your replacement jewellery.

Age limit

Ear lobe:                                                                      5 years

All other ear piercings nose piercings:                       12 years

Navel piercing:                                                           15 years

All other facial piercings:                                           15 years

Nipple piercing:                                                          16 years

Intimate and dermal piercings:                                  18 years


We provide 4 weeks of complaints on done piercings. If you are not satisfied or otherwise have questions about what we have done, we will help you with the problem until you are satisfied. We do NOT refund the money for a piercing, but make sure that the piercing is 100% okay when we send you from here again. We recall that in most piercings there may be swelling in the area, which may give the impression that a piercing is not straight. Therefore, wait 14 days before finally assessing if your piercing is seated properly.


If you experience a bulge on your piercing, it may be scar tissue (keloid formation). For treatments of these we have good experience with Tea Tree Oil that can be added to your saline solution. If this is not sufficient, no-pull silicone sheets can be attached, which can be purchased.


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