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Age Limit: 18 years.
Payment: We accept cash and mobile payments.
Student discounts: We recognize that Aarhus is a student city and therefore we give 10% in student discounts by presenting a valid student card.

We love talking tattoo projects, so please come by the shop in Jægergårdsgade 50 or call us at 31718070.
We look forward to seeing you.

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Our Story

Dancy & Daughters Tattoo Parlour is a cozy studio in the heart of Århus. Our team consisting of a shop manager, piercers and professional tattoo artists all have a passion for art and custom design tattoos, and wish to give you the very best experience while you are with us. The tattoo artists take pride in their work and will pay attention to detail in order to deliver an excellent result. The artists specialize within their own specific styles, and therefore we will be able to offer you the very best work on the market. We will have the right tattoo artist for you, regardless of the style you wish for your tattoo project. Whether you are into traditional, neotraditional, blackwork, black and grey realism, watercolour, dotwork or small minimalistic tattoos, we will be able to accommodate you.

We are a friendly and family orientated business and take pride in welcoming everyone in the shop. You are always welcome to come by the studio, which is located in Jægergårdsgade 50, the coziest street in Århus. We love talking about tattoo projects, and will be available to give you our professional opinion and guidance for your tattoo projects. We look forward to seeing you!


At Dancy & Daughters Tattoo Palour, we value hygiene just as much as art. In order to make sure that our art will be displayed perfectly on skin, a high hygiene standard is needed. Therefore, the whole studio is thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis. Antibacterial cleaning products are used on all surfaces in the studio, which are purchased from the company Mediq, who is the main supplier for Danish hospitals.

Only sterile and disposable needles are used, and all stations and machines will be covered with the correct disposable materials, which is changed after each customer. The studio is decorated and designed in accordance with the new Danish tattoo law, that came into place in July 2019, to guarantee a procedure with the highest hygiene standards possible.

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Opening hours:
Monday-Saturday 10:00-17.00
Sunday: Closed or by appointment

Phone: +45 31 71 80 70
Email: info@dancyanddaughters.com
Instagram: @dancyanddaughters

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